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So, you have been tasked with planning a meeting.  You think about the hours you will spend calling 20+ hotels, repeat yourself on the phone with your specifications and keeping track of all the hotel answers.  Not to mention all of these hotels will call you repeatedly trying to sell their themselves for the meeting.  This process is very time consuming, especially when you have so much more going on. 

If you call Worldwide Meeting Partners, we will streamline this process for you and provide you with documents you can use internally to show an overview of availability, a short list of options that you prefer along with meeting space layouts and preliminary budgets.  All with one phone call or email and results within a few days.  And, the best part, you don't have to budget for Worldwide Meeting Partners - we get paid by whatever hotel you select.


So what are we going to do for you....


Step one: Review your specifications.  You can't start the process without knowing what matters to you.

  • Review past meeting actuals
  • Review budget
  • Review room block
  • Review hotel type (resort, city, airport, etc)
  • Review meeting agenda and timing


Step two: Destination Awareness

  • Collectively our team has over 60 years of experience in hospitality.  We have personally been to most major cities in US and around the globe offering first-hand knowledge of destinations and hotels.
  • Using relationships with our Global Sales Offices we have access to inside information on many destinations and hotels
  • Using key search engines to make sure we have the best options to search from
  • Worldwide Meeting Partners DOES NOT represent any hotels - we are 100% independent and only your needs drive our recommendations and consideration.


Step Three: Create / Send RFP

  • Send out your RFP to as many hotels and destinations as necessary.
  • Share your specific needs with these hotel to expedite the response process


Step Four: Review responses and create overall availability comparison report

  • Review each response and put together an excel grid showing detailed information on all responses giving you a general overview of what we searched in case you want to change the short listed properties.
  • Links to each hotel that responded so you can search more information
  • Highlight those who did not meet offer preferred dates / space and outline why


Step Five: Analyze Responses

  • Based on Step One criteria and Step Four results, we will analyze the results and offer you a short list consisting of 3-4 options
  • We will provide a written recap of how we achieved this short list
  • We will provide you with a copy of the meeting space outline for each of the short listed properties.  This way you can visualize how the space would flow based on your agenda.
  • Budget recap.  At the end of the day, every meeting has to be in budget.  And, just because the room rate at property A is less than property B, the same can not be said for the bottom line.  The only way to tell is a by doing a quick budget that accounts for your primary budget items (food, beverages, AV, WiFi, power, etc.)


Step Six: You decide

  • You will determine if a site inspection is necessary and when (we will do the leg work to set it up)
  • You will make the final hotel / venue selection
  • Once the venue is selected, a contract is requested on your behalf and Worldwide Meeting Partners will negotiate the contracts key terms to make sure you are satisfied with the language.
  • You sign the agreement


Step Seven:  After contract is signed

  • Reminder emails are sent for key dates (reservation cut-off dates, deposits due, etc)
  • Post event pick up
  • Post event budget review
  • Cost savings review


Step Eight: Lets do it again!




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